Las Vegas Criminal Defense

Our firm provides aggressive representation in the Las Vegas area and believes that client communication is of the upmost importance. We will not treat you as just another case number, but as a human being. We will explain the law to you and go over your case in simple terms so you know what the situation is. Many firms try to scare clients with fancy legal talk in order to spend less time with the client and to do less work. Not our firm. We will give you the time and defense you deserve.

Types of Defense

Our firm handles various types of criminal offense. The most common areas of course are DUIs, DVs, traffic violations, crimes against property, bad checks, petit larceny, crimes against the person, drug offenses, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, felonies, warrants and many more. We also seal criminal records. Consult with us to see if our firm can help.

What We Are Not

We are NOT a volume discount firm that will take any type of case that walks through the door. We focus the majority of our practice on criminal defense, not divorce, wills, trusts, contracts and what ever comes in. We are NOT a super discount firm who treats you like a commodity and does not have the time of day to spend communicating with you.


We offer reasonable rates and payments plans in order to give you the representation you deserve. Even when you do not think you can afford an attorney, speak to us, we offer free consultations.

Excellent Criminal Law Attorney
Adam did an excellent job in his representation of my criminal case. He was honest, supportive and informative all the way through the case. He is everything I could hope for in an attorney. I highly recommend Adam for anyone to use as their attorney.


Traffic Citation
Attorney Adam Graves got my traffic ticket reduced from speeding to illegal parking. Thanks to him I will have a small fee, no traffic school, and no points on my record. I would highly recommend him.


Ticket Reduced!
Adam was great. He spent a little time on the phone talking with me about the options for handling my case, did what he said he would and got the result he thought I'd get, which was a lowered fine by $100 and no moving violation. Very easy process, I'd highly recommend him.

Nick Thorsch