Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Handle a Ticket On Their Own

Over the years I have had clients come to me with traffic warrants and lengthy bad-driving records. Some of the things that I have noticed are that many of these convictions or fines could have been reduced or eliminated. It does not cost much to hire an attorney to handle most moving violation in Las Vegas, so spend a little to ensure you do not make any mistakes. Think of it as insurance, plus you do not have to waste time dealing with the court.

Common Mistakes

Plea guilty and just pay the fine. This is bad because your driving record now reflects something that might have been reduced. Now your insurance rates may go up and cost you even more in the long run. Furthermore, some fines might be lowered or eliminated depending on the charges and facts, so speak to an attorney to see what options there might be.

Not knowing the Court. Every court is different, so an experienced attorney might know a few different ways to handle your citation to potentially get you a better result. Sometimes people just need a little more time to sort things out, such as getting their driver’s license, an attorney may help with this as well.
Long term effects. Some offenses can impact your driving privileges if you just plea guilty. Your driver’s license might be suspended depending on the charge or how many demerit points you have on your record.

People make long lasting mistakes all the time when handling their own tickets. Speak to an attorney about your ticket and facts. Remember, don’t just speak to a secretary about it, speak to an actual attorney who handles citations to help ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

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