Judge Denied Stipulated Petition to Seal Nevada Criminal Record Without Prejudice

Typically, if you are submitting a Petition and Order to Seal your Nevada criminal record and the Prosecutor agreed and signed the order, the Judge will sign the Order without a hearing.  However, this is not always the case.  In my experience I have seen Judges deny a stipulated order to seal without prejudice.

If this does happen, it is important to get the Petition on Calendar in front of the Judge for reconsideration and to have a hearing on the merits of the person who is trying to seal his or her record.  Then if you and your attorney make a meaningful argument on why you should be able to seal your record, the judge may agree to sign your Order to Seal your Nevada criminal record.  So even a simple process can sometimes become a major ordeal and require a lot of attention to detail and skill navigating the legal system.

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