Las Vegas Nevada DUI School & Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

Las Vegas Nevada DUI School and Victim Impact Panel

If you been convicted of a DUI 1st in Las Vegas Nevada, you will be ordered to complete a Nevada accredited 8-hour DUI program and a Victim Impact Panel.  The DUI school can be performed online or in person.  The Victim Impact Panel must be attended live and in person. If there is not a Victim Impact Panel within 60 miles of the defendant’s residence and the court permits it, you may then complete the Victim Impact Panel online.

Some courts have their own DUI schools they refer defendants out to.  Make sure the school you choose is accepted by the court.

A popular accepted Nevada DUI school is ABC DUI Online.  This school also offers a free online Victim Impact Panel with the DUI school course and is very affordable.

Remember it is always recommended to check with the court and your attorney to see if the class you are taking is accepted and accredited.