Reckless Driving On The Way To Las Vegas – Goodsprings and Laughlin Nevada

Reckless Driving On The Way To Las Vegas

Chances are if you are in a rush and are exceeding the speed limit on your way to Las Vegas you might be cited for Reckless Driving. Typically, you are cited for Reckless driving when your speed is around 100 mph or greater. This tends to occur around Goodsprings or Laughlin Nevada where NHP is looking for speeders.

Unless death or substantial bodily injury occurs, Reckless Driving is a misdemeanor offense which can carry up to 6 months of jail, community service and fines up to $2000. It is also a DMV 8 point moving violation which may cause your rates to drastically rise. Usually, it will start out as a typical citation but then get placed on the criminal calendar where you will be summoned to appear at Arraignment.  If you fail to appear it will go into warrant and your license may be suspended.

I have dealt with Reckless Driving offenses committed by out of state drivers in towns like Goodsprings and Laughlin Nevada and have had favorable outcomes. It is possible to get such offenses reduced from Reckless Driving to a 1-2 or even 0 demerit point offense. Furthermore, it may be possible to have your appearances waived so you do not need to travel back to Goodpsings or Laughlin Nevada.

Before pleading guilty and paying a high fine speak to an attorney to see if he or she may help. You can call my office at 702-895-9111 for a free consultation over the phone.

This is for informative purposes only.  This does not create an attorney-client relationship.  Always seek legal counsel.