Withdrawing your Guilty Plea pursuant to your Guilty Plea Agreement

Were you given a plea deal that if you successfully completed probation with a honorable discharge you could withdraw your plea and plea guilty to a lesser charge or even a dismissal?
Many people don’t realize this doesn’t not happen automatically, someone has to bring it attention to the Judge. Some people still are walking around as a felon when they thought it got reduced to a lesser charge a long time ago. I see this all the time when sealing a client’s criminal record.
The first thing I tell a client is get your old attorney of record to get your case back in front of the judge to withdraw your plea and plea to the lesser charge. If that is not possible I may substitute in and get your plea withdrawn as your new attorney of record.  Remember this may be done as long as it was part of the Guilty Plea Agreement and you upheld your end of the deal.
The benefit of this is that depending on the plea deal, one may no longer be felon if this was part of the deal.  This is a quicker process than getting a Pardon.
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