Henderson, NV Traffic Ticket

If you received a traffic ticket in Henderson, Nevada you will need to appear in either Henderson Municipal Court or Henderson Justice Court. Your ticket should state which court your ticket is in.

Henderson Municipal Court typically requires defendants to take traffic school in order to reduce a moving violation. Sometimes traffic school is not an option and they will not reduce the moving violation. When a client retains our firm we set the traffic ticket for trial and begin to negotiate with the City Attorney. If a resolution can be reached that the client accepts, this will be put on the record on the trial date. Give us a call to see what we can do for your Henderson Municipal Court citation.

If your ticket is in Henderson Justice Court our firm will set this for Pretrial and directly negotiate with a Deputy District Attorney. Typically, we can reach favorable results at this hearing for you. Call us today to see what we can do for your Henderson Justice Court ticket.

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Traffic Citation
Attorney Adam Graves got my traffic ticket reduced from speeding to illegal parking. Thanks to him I will have a small fee, no traffic school, and no points on my record. I would highly recommend him.


Ticket Reduced!
Adam was great. He spent a little time on the phone talking with me about the options for handling my case, did what he said he would and got the result he thought I'd get, which was a lowered fine by $100 and no moving violation. Very easy process, I'd highly recommend him.

Nick Thorsch