If you are granted probation by a judge you will be ordered to perform and abstain from certain things. These are your terms of probation. If you fail to follow the terms of your probation, your probation officer will revoke your probation.  You will be given a revocation hearing to determine if you violated.

Some common things that might cause a probation violation are failing to stay off drugs or possessing drugs, not working, not going to school or performing community service, not paying fines or restitution and picking up new charges.

If you violate your terms of probation, you may be placed into custody and a revocation hearing will be set in District Court.


A revocation hearing is in front of the judge, not a jury. Revocation hearings are held to determine if there is a preponderance of evidence that you violated the terms of your probation. You still have the right to testify, call witness, have an attorney, present evidence and confront witnesses.

Outcomes vary greatly with revocation hearings and depend a lot on what judge you are in front and what you did to violate your probation. An attorney may help with getting the prosecutor and probation officer or judge to agree to reinstate you to probation or to challenge the revocation all together.

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