Sex Offender Registry Removal

sex-offenderBeing convicted of a sexual offense carries stigma and shame that can last a lifetime.  Even a simple open gross lewdness conviction requires a person to register as a sex

offender. Luckily for some, Nevada allows early termination from the state registry if you meet certain requirements.

Required Registration Periods 179D.490

Nevada breaks down sexual offenses into several tiers.

  •  Tier I must register for 15 years
  •  Tier II must register for 25 years
  •  Tier III must register for life

Early Termination NRS 179D.490

If you comply with the registration and are either a tier I, or tier III juvenile offender, you may be able to reduce the registration period.

Tier I Reduction

In order to reduce the registration period from 15 years to 10 years one must meet the following requirements:

  • Comply with registration for 10 years;
  • Not be convicted of a new felony;
  • Not be convicted of a new sexual offense;
  • Successfully complete supervised release, parole or probation;
  • Successfully complete a sex offender treatment program certified by the State or the A.G. of the United State.

Furthermore, if you have successfully registered in another state’s jurisdiction as a tier 1 offender you may count the years you registered in that state as a tier 1 towards the Nevada 10 year minimum.  For example, if you registered in California as a tier 1 offender for 5 years and moved to Nevada and registered for 5 years in Nevada, you may Petition to be removed in Nevada.

Tier III Reduction

If a juvenile was convicted as a tier III offender, he or she may reduce the life registration if the above criteria are met and he or she has registered for at least 25 years.

If you feel that you qualify and desire to end the shame that comes with registering, our firm can Petition the court for an order of early termination. Contact us today for a free


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