Nevada Crimes That Are Not Eligible for Record Sealing.

Nevada crimes that are not eligible for record sealing.

Regardless of how long it has been and if you stayed out of trouble, there are certain crimes that are not eligible for record sealing.  NRS 179.245 lists and defines what crimes are NOT permitted for record sealing. The main crimes that are not eligible or permitted to be sealed are as follows:
A crime against a child;
A sexual offense; and
Felony DUIs.
There a many crimes that are listed as “a crime against a child” and “sexual offense,” but this is why it is important to seek legal advice to see if your record is or is not eligible to seal.
It is important to note that Nevada’s law speaks to “convictions” that are not eligible, so it is possible that you might of been arrested for a crime that is not eligible, but you were “convicted”  of a lesser a crime that IS permitted to be sealed.
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