Many people fail to realize that their license may be suspended for ignoring to pay a fine in another state. The most common cause for your licenses to get suspended are warrants and out of state restrictions.

If you fail to pay a ticket in Nevada or another state, it will go into warrant and be reported to the DMV. Then that DMV will communicate with other state DMVs that you have a warrant and your license should be suspended, or prevent you from getting a new license. If this is the case, you must clear the warrant and provide the DMV with proof that the warrant was cleared, then reinstate your license.

Another common reason for not obtaining your license is an out of state DUI. If another state has imposed restrictions due to a DUI, then Nevada will require you to reinstate your license in that state in order to get a Nevada license.

Simply running from warrants or restrictions will typically prevent you from obtaining your Nevada license or cause it to be suspended. If you have issue with your license contact our firm today for a free consultation at 702-895-9111.

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