Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and Gun Rights

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and Gun Rights

Do not take a Nevada misdemeanor domestic violence charge lightly. If you are convicted you will lose your gun rights federally and on the state level. Even a battery conviction if that facts show a domestic relationship may prevent you from owning a firearm.

Unfortunately in Nevada, misdemeanor domestic violence charges only provide you with a bench trial (just the judge deciding your fate) and not a jury by your peers.  Something federal law seems to require for a conviction.

Many people feel this violates your right to a jury, due process and the 2nd amendment. This is why you should fight even the simplest domestic violence charge.  At least a felony domestic violence charge provides you with a jury of your peers and due process.
Remember not all domestic violence charges are the same, some might even be a simple slap from a jealous wife or throwing wine in another’s face.  Many people are not informed of this when they enter their plea and then come to realize that something so important to them is no longer a right.

Always seek counsel and do not take a misdemeanor domestic violence offense lightly.

This is for informative purposes only. This does not create an attorney-client relationship. Always seek counsel.