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So You Got A Domestic Violence While on Vacation In Las Vegas

It is not uncommon in Las Vegas for people to be arrested for a crime of Domestic Violence while on vacation at a casino.  Chances are if the police were called to your room for a disturbance, someone is getting arrested.  If your were arrested, you were probably taken to the Clark County Detention Facility and your case is in Las Vegas Justice Court.  However,

The Supreme Court of Nevada just ruled that someone charge with a misdemeanor DV charge is now entitled to a jury of his or her peers.  This is a big change because before you were only given a bench trial.  That meant the Judge was the jury.  Now instead of “one” person paid by the government determining your guilt, you get a real jury as

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and Gun Rights Do not take a Nevada misdemeanor domestic violence charge lightly. If you are convicted you will lose your gun rights federally and on the state level. Even a battery conviction if that facts show a domestic relationship may prevent you from owning a firearm. Unfortunately in Nevada, misdemeanor domestic violence charges only provide you with a bench trial (just