Las Vegas Nevada DUI School & Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

Las Vegas Nevada DUI School and Victim Impact Panel If you been convicted of a DUI 1st in Las Vegas Nevada, you will be ordered to complete a Nevada accredited 8-hour DUI program and a Victim Impact Panel.  The DUI school can be performed online or in person.  The Victim Impact Panel must be attended live and in person. If there is not a Victim

If the Attorney General’s office prosecuted your case you wish to seal, then you will have to give the Attorney General notice and an opportunity to review your petition and order to seal your criminal record. The Attorney General might oppose the sealing or agree to it. Then if the District Attorney’s office prosecuted any of your other cases, they would also have to be

Extended Warranties If you drive a vehicle for Uber or Lyft, then you know how many miles you can put on your vehicle. Many professional ride sharing drivers will exceed their warranty in no time. For many driving for Uber or Lyft, an extended warranty may make sense to mitigate costly repairs. But beware. If you drive for a living then you need to make

In 2017 Nevada legislature passed Senate Bill 308, which will increase the mandatory auto insurance minimums.  Currently the minimums are $15,000 bodily/$30,000 Multiple and $10,000 property.  Starting July 1, 2018 the minimums will be raised to $25,000/$50,000 and $20,000 property. So we should probably expect car insurance rates to increase for this higher coverage.  Hopefully the costs for the consumers does not jump too high. 

If you have a criminal record that consist of charges in multiple locations, such as Henderson Municipal Court, Las Vegas Justice, and North Las Vegas Municipal Court, you may petition District court for an Order to seal. New law allows District Court to seal records for lower courts in their district.  This saves you time and potentially money.  Before you had to Petition each court

RECORD SEAL – DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE Nevada law now permits individuals who were on probation and received a dishonorable discharge to now petition to seal their record.  Record Sealing assembly bill 327 has made this possible.  However, a judge still has the discretion to sign the order to seal. You must show you are rehabilitated and stayed out of trouble for the statutory period of time

There are two ways to go about sealing your record.  One is to do all the work yourself.  This includes drafting the Petition and Order, filings with the court, court appearances and more.  Our, you may hire a record sealing law firm to do most of the work to help ensure no mistakes are made. If you decide to hire a law firm to seal

It has been brought to my attention that some firms charge people per arrest or conviction when working on a Petition and Order to seal records.  This is NOT the case with my firm. I charge per Petition, regardless of how many arrest or charges you have on one Petition.  I have prepared and sealed Petitions with over 19 plus arrest on them, and quoted

How much does it cost to seal/expunge your record? Sealing your record consist of various government and attorney fees. Keep in mind that Nevada is a record sealing state, not an expungement state. Your typical government fees for Nevada consist of the follow: Department of Public Safety Criminal History $23.50 Local arresting law agency (SCOPE) $10.00 Court filing fee $50.00 to $270.00 Certified Court Orders

Senate Bill 259 has passed and  will become law on October 1, 2018.  This law makes it harder for DUI offenders to obtain a driver’s license and operate a vehicle without a breath interlock device.  The 2 biggest changes are the following: DUI 1st offenders will now have their driver’s license revoked for 185 days.  It was and will remain 90 days until October 1,